Representative Patti Komline is at the apex of her legislative career. Experienced, capable and respected on both sides of the aisle, Patti is one of the most important voices in Vermont’s legislature. She represents not only the citizens of her district, but has become a dynamic force for all of Vermont.


Rep. Komline and leaders from both parties believe that this is perhaps the most critical time in the entire history of our state. Vermont’s economy is not yet out of crisis, real incomes have not risen significantly, while the cost of living continues to increase unabated. Meanwhile, Vermont’s legislature continues to pursue programs and services that outpace our ability to pay for them.


Front and center is the fiscal overhang and educational spending inefficiencies of Act 60/68; the hyper-aggressive push for costly health care programs; and the practice of foisting more and more costs on the backs of small, growing businesses trying to get back on their feet. This is a recipe for disaster, and Rep. Komline is committed to ensuring that Vermont acts in a fiscally responsible way, prioritizing programs that are needed today, and nurturing the progress of economic revival in our state.

Our Voice of Experience

Balanced and Fair Leadership

“Rep. Patti Komline has been the determined voice for her district since 2004 – working to protect our unique quality of life, fighting to control taxes and spending, helping small, growing businesses achieve success, supporting aid to Vermont families, and empowering people to help her meet the important challenges facing our state.”


Oliver Olsen, (I)


“In my time in the legislature, I came to rely on Patti to find moderate solutions to problems. She is practical and thoughtful, and she knows how to work with members from all parties. Yes, she can be tough, but she is also fair.”





Rep. Paul Ralston, (D)


Compassion for Those in Need

Champion for Responsible Growth

Over the many years I have worked with Patti, I have known her to ardently back programs that provide aid for those in need and to speak for those who can’t speak for themselves. Patti is a leader in mobilizing volunteers, and is committed to ensuring that our social safety net helps people, rather than becoming a web that traps them.”


Rep. Paul Poirier, (I)


“Rep. Komline believes that Vermont can have lower taxes AND enriching programs and services, but the prerequisite is a strong and vital state economy. Patti supports efforts to provide resources that would ensure that both fledgling businesses and responsible, growing businesses have the opportunity to fulfill their promise.”


Rep. Heidi Scheuermann, (R)



"What is the secret to the meaning of life?  It is simply to give your life meaning."

Patti Komline traveled alone to Cambodia in 2013.  Her purpose?  To teach classes to a special group of underprivileged children in Phnom Penh.   Upon returning to the states, Patti found herself transformed, with a renewed sense of purpose, and a profound understanding of how lucky we are to live in the United States, and in particular, our home in the Green Mountain State.  Here is an excerpt from her Cambodian travel blog that explains her most important discovery:


"We all know that home isn’t a place, but it is wherever you find your loved ones. I learned that home is even more than that. For me, home is where I am needed. Truly, significantly needed."


Representative Komline’s purpose in life is to help others – assisting those of us who are working hard to build a quality life in Vermont, coming to the aid of those who struggle daily just to “make it”, and motivating those of us who already have, to join her in helping others.


Patti Komline’s blog is her personal record of a life-changing adventure – a true story that is sometimes funny, sometimes disheartening, but always inspirational.  Most importantly, it tells us what Representative Patti Komline is really all about.



Courage to Make Tough Choices

Re-Elect Representative Komline



“These critical times require strong, intelligent, and considered leaders like Rep. Patti Komline. She is highly respected by her peers, has the wisdom to see issues clearly, and I know she has the courage to stand up for what’s right.  We need her back in Montpelier.”





Senator John Rodgers, (D)


“Every household and business lives within a budget and state government must too. Representative Komline understands better than many of my colleagues that Vermont citizens and businesses cannot afford every well-intended proposal. Patti has the courage to fight for legislation that moves our state forward in a fiscally responsible way, while standing up for taxpayers.”


Rep. Adam Greshin, (I)





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Representative Patti Komline is one of the most important voices in Vermont’s legislature.

She represents not only the citizens of her district, but has become a dynamic force for all of Vermont.